Mica Tape


Application: Mica tape for flame-resistant wires and cables consist of the heat resistant phlogopite mica paper or muscovite mica paper or synthetic mica paper bonded to an electrical grade glass cloth or PE film as the supporting fabric,impregnated with a specially selected high temperature resistant silicon resin. For the excellent flame resisting characteristics, it has been widely used for power and control cables, instrumentation and signaling cables etc.Due to the very high flexibility and high tensile strength ,this tapes can be easily applied with high speed standard taping equipment

Typical Properties:
ˇń Exceptional high dielectric strength at high temperature
ˇń High fire resistance
ˇń High tensile strength
ˇń Strong resistance to radiation, acid, and alkali
ˇń No-toxic under high temperature
ˇń Excellent flexibility

ˇń Phlogopite mica tapes and muscovite mica tapes can withstand up to 950ˇć while Synthetic mica tapes have a fire resistance class up to 1100ˇć.

Technical Data

One-side Fiberglass-Reinforced Phlogopite Mica Tape     >>>

One-side PE film Reinforced Phlogopite Mica Tape    >>>

Double Side Reinforced Mica Tape    >>>




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